The movement to defund the police

The movement to defund the police

2020 has turned into a strange year indeed. The coronavirus has disrupted the lives of millions, murder bees are taking over America, and statues of historic figures are toppling across the land in a way reminiscent of the takeover of Baghdad.

Society is altering

You would think things couldn’t get any more out-of-whack in 2020. And in that thought, you would be wrong. In addition to all society-altering moments already delivered by 2020, the ultimate society-altering moment, or shall I say “movement” of the year is the movement to defund police departments.

When the notion first made headlines after the murder of George Floyd in Minnesota, most thought it was a fleeting, emotional thought voiced in the heat of the moment. Fast-forward several months, and it is clear that the thought certainly not fleeting and the moment is not temporary. Not only have proponents of the notion dug in deep, they’re in for the long-haul and seem to be gaining momentum and support from powerful people in powerful places. From rich CEOs to sympathetic politicians, Defund the Police has morphed from an emotional outcry into a veritable political talking point during the 2020 national election.

To much

There’s simply too much happening all at once in 2020. There’s too much yelling. Too much pain. Too much fighting. Too much arguing. People are outraged with each other. And if they’re not outraged at each other, they’re outraged at outrage. It’s, well, outrageous. . . and so sad.

They are trying

Police have become one of the easy targets for people to spew their collective outrage towards. It’s sad, but true. I wish folks would remember that behind every badge is a human being simply trying to do his/her best to make a living, provide for loved ones, and keep our communities safe. Directing such vitriolic hatred toward police officers is a sad, sad situation we’ve arrived at.

I hope 2021 is a little better. I hope it is better because we’re more patient with each other. I hope it is better because we’re more appreciative of emergency responders. I hope it is better because, well, because we’re better.

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